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What we do

‘Understanding your baby’ is for everyone around a new baby: supporting you and the new arrival from birth to 12 months.

This course gives you information about your baby's brain development and your baby's physical and emotional development. It shows how important your relationship with the baby is for the baby's development.

It integrates the traditional information given on a postnatal course with this new approach to developing your relationship with your baby. It looks at your baby’s sleeping, feeding, crying, playing and childcare options.

If you have already done the Solihull Approach antenatal course 'Understanding pregnancy' you may recognise some of the Units about feelings and support, You may want to think about this again, now you have your baby. If you are a Dad you may recognise parts of the Module for fathers, but you may want to look at the Units again.

Who do we support

These courses are for ALL parents-to-be, parents, grandparents or carers of any child from the antenatal period to age 18 years. These courses are relevant for parents of all children, including those with special needs, autism, ADHD etc.

We would encourage you to take advantage of this time limited opportunity.These courses are FREE to all residents of North Wales with the access code NWSOL.

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Can anyone use this service?

These courses are FREE to all residents of North Wales with an access code NWSOL.

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