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The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust - Family support services

What we do

The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust believes that the deaths and trauma associated with ectopic pregnancy should be prevented or minimised and seeks to support women and their families through this difficult period of their lives. Ectopic Pregnancy is a common, life threatening condition that is the leading cause of death in early pregnancy. The Charity also provides Information, Education and Support to medical professionals who treat early pregnancy complications.

Who do we support

Supporting people who have experienced an early pregnancy complication and the health care professionals who care for them.

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Can anyone use this service?

Anyone can use this resource

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Language: English only

  • Able to support children with disabilities No
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 Opening times

Contact our Helpline on 020 7733 2653 where there is a 24 hour answer service available to take your details and for you to leave a message.