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Follow your Dreams - Family support services

What we do

We are a UK charity that supports children with learning disabilities, some with life-limiting medical or severe developmental conditions. Follow Your Dreams inspire the ambitions of children and young people by delivering enjoyable methods of learning and play.

We focus on their abilities and identify opportunities, growing and developing skills through the delivery of creative and interactive events, dreams and workshops through collaborative partnerships. Recent events include puppet making/theatre workshops and young dream-makers enterprise events which include areas such as cupcake making/selling, fruit and veg growing and selling and jewellery production.

We inspire these children to see beyond immediate challenges, encourage them to follow their dreams and believe in themselves and develop their talents and skills, empower them with the knowledge, beliefs and tools to achieve and understand that the possibilities are endless.

Who do we support

Children and young people with learning difficulties.

Is there a charge to use this service?


Can anyone use this service?

Anyone can contact us directly.

Service details for this family support services

Language: English only

  • Able to support children with disabilities Yes
  • Are staff DBS checked? Yes


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